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"The DVDs are great and we have not been able to copy them after trying numerous applications! I look forward to working with you again – we have several other DVD projects in the works." - J.R., The ACT Group


RipGuard-MoD, ACP and CopyBlock for Recordable DVDs

Is DVD Copy Protection right for you? These two questions may help you decide:

1) Are you losing money because your Recordable DVDs are being copied?

2) Do your Recordable DVDs have an investment value worth protecting?

It's a fact that each and every year, billions of dollars in revenue are lost due to the unauthorized copying, or "ripping" of unprotected DVDs. Most people don't think of copying a DVD as being wrong, mainly because it's as easy as clicking a mouse nowadays. Independent market research shows that if the DVD isn't protected, then the consumer feels that there is nothing wrong with making copies of it.

Up until now, there has been no cost-effective or practical method to protect your investment, short of having to manufacture large 1000+ runs, to get mainstream copy protection applied. Macrovision's RipGuard-MoD changes all that. Now you can get the most trusted and widely adopted copy protection technology in the world, applied to your Recordable DVDs, on any quantity from a single DVDR on up.

Why should I protect my DVDs?

Protecting the DVDs you've spent time and money creating is just like closing and locking the front door of your house when you leave to go to work. If you don't close the front door and lock it, there is absolutely nothing preventing anyone from walking right in and taking whatever they want. It's the same thing with an unprotected DVD, nothing is stopping anyone from doing anything they want with it.

Affordable to Employ!

With a per-disc cost structure, there is no upfront investment and no equipment or special media to buy, stock or maintain.

  • No recurring cost, fees or contracts
  • Costs less for a Protected DVD than most other Duplicators charge for DVDs without any form of protection at all!

Deters Casual Copiers!

RipGuard-MoD, ACP & CopyBlock defeats attempts by most casual copiers by adding a layer of protection and complication that minimizes the effectiveness of common free-ware ripping tools.

  • Beats nearly all rippers favored by casual copiers
  • Frustrates casual copiers 10 to 20 times more often than when using CSS protection alone
  • Continually updated to meet the changing needs of the market

Uncompromised Playability!

RipGuard-MoD, ACP & Copyblock protects the integrity of your digital content while maintaining compatibility with PCs and both portable and standalone DVD players. The Rovi Protection Products have been THX™ Verified, ensuring the audio and video quality of the original digital content is maintained. There is simply no consumer penalty to protecting your DVD content with RipGuard-MOD, ACP or CopyBlock.

  • Passes the most stringent playability tests in the industry
  • Is the only rip protection technology that meets the DVD-Video logo specifications
  • Only Grade A Premium Recordable Media used

Easy Deployment!

RipGuard-MOD, ACP and CopyBlock can be added to your end product with little or no disruption to your existing workflow.

  • No special or exotic production requirements
  • Capable of being employed on a wide variety of final sources, including, DVD-R or DVD+R Playable Master, DDP Output, ISO/UDF images and VIDEO_TS directories.
  • Masters can be transferred via FTP

An adaptation of the anti-piracy technology known as RipGuard is now available to independent filmmakers and event videographers... (more)

- Custom DVD Packages
- DVD Authoring
- SD/HD Editing
- Video Encoding
- DVD & CD Duplication
- CD Replication
- DVD Replication
- Web Design

10 Full Color, Dye-Sub Printed, RipGuard Protected & Duplicated DVDRs for only $3.08 each! (more)


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