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Frequently Asked questions about RipGuard-MOD, ACP & CopyBlock

What is the difference between CopyBlock, RipGuard and ACP Protection?
ACP: This was the first protection technology available and was widely implimented on VHS to prevent the 'dubbing' of tapes. Once DVD's came along, it is now used to prevent 'analog' copies of the video being made from the DVD.

RipGuard: When DVD's started taking over and VHS started going away, RipGuard was introduced to combat the 'digital' copying of DVD's, and now it also protects against the 'ripping' of content from the DVD digitally.

CopyBlock: As things evolve, so does the protection. CopyBlock now gives you the best of both worlds of protection combined (RipGuard+ACP) in a single, affordable package.

How does RipGuard-MOD protect my DVD?
RipGuard-MOD defeats most copiers by neutralizing their tools of choice and significantly raising the technical bar required for completing a successful copy. When copiers encounter a RipGuard protected title, they experience a frustration that rarely occurs when they try to copy titles protected only with the Content Scrambling System (CSS). This protection is embedded within the DVD itself and absolutely nothing is ever installed in the PC or player.

How does ACP protect my DVD?
ACP encodes the Analog Signal that comes out of the player with a special sub-signal that is recognized by 99%+ or recording/playback devices around the world... from DVD Recorders, to VHS Recorders, to Camcorders and Analog & Digital Capture Cards, which automatically prevents them from recording the content.

How does CopyBlock protect my DVD?
CopyBlock is a combination of both RipGuard & ACP combined, providing comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for your DVD.

Will RipGuard-MOD, ACP or CopyBlock affect the playback of my DVDR?
No, it will not affect the playback or quality of the content you have produced. RipGuard-MOD, ACP and CopyBlock combine the best levels of rip deterrence and Analog Protection with the very highest level of disc playability. Even a small number of problems with playability can lead to lost sales, return costs, and brand erosion. For that reason, RipGuard-MOD, ACP & Copy Block never elevates rip protection over the customer’s enjoyment of the content. In short, you can expect the same level of playability on your DVD with or without Copy Protection on it.

How easy is it to add this protection to my DVD?
It can be as simple as providing a playable master (copy) of your DVD to us. Once it is received, it will be processed, protected and ready for manufacturing within 24 hours.

How can I get you my DVD?
You have the option of either sending us your master, or FTP'ing your Master directly to us. You can send your master to us through common shippers such as USPS, FedEx or UPS. If you desire to FTP your DVD Master, please call, toll-free (877)4My-Video (877.469.8433) for instructions and guidance.

How much does this cost?
In order for this to be valuable to you and your business it must be cost-effective. Therefore there are no "additional" costs for this protection, just a simple, low-cost one-time protection setup fee which covers the cost of applying this protection to your Master.... and includes the LIFETIME archival of your master. Bottom line, the cost to put protection on your DVD is likely going to be less than it would cost for most other Duplicators to make copies of your DVD without any copy protection at all!

Is RipGuard-MOD, ACP or CopyBlock Protection able to be circumvented?
If you think of your DVD as your house, it can be said that any house can be broken into. The difference is that by locking your house, you greatly reduce the risk of theft.

In the big picture, the value in using RipGuard-MOD, ACP or CopyBlock is because it diminishes the opportunity to steal, which is why Hollywood has protected over 200 Million DVDs with RipGuard in the last 18 months alone.

RipGuard can prevent my DVDs from being ripped, but what about being recorded into a DVD Recorder or VHS?
That is where Macrovision ACP (Analog Copy Protection) and/or CopyBlock comes into play. Macrovisions ACP has been an established technology for more than the last decade and is still employed on virtually every mainstream Hollywood Title still released today.

ACP can also be employed on your recordable DVD, providing a comprehensive Analog and Digital Copy Protected Recordable DVD. Please speak with your nearest manufacturer for more information and pricing.

What about protecting Dual-Layer Recordable DVDRs?
Protecting a Dual Layer Recordable DVDR is possible. There are some specific steps that must be taken during the output phase from your Authoring Program to ensure a trouble free protection process. Please contact Tim Montague, toll-free at (877) 4-MyVideo (877.469.8433) for technical assistance.

An adaptation of the anti-piracy technology known as RipGuard is now available to independent filmmakers and event videographers... (more)

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